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The previous camera from Enjoy-Secret allowed me 2 files at 30 minutes each with one charge. This includes the resistance of the wire usually about 28 gauge and the connector resistance. Audio volume is very low. The old one no longer has the possibility of mass production, due to the technology update of components. Then if the camera seems dead, I do the next step. I can only get one 30 minute file from this camera. How do defective components in the camera effect camera charging?

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That fixed the camera. Saved the file and renamed it to On 2 Nov I received a 3 type camera from eBay seller joymyzone. It is a new version of 3.

Outdoor bright lighting was used. Downloaded the firmware from the camera and observe the file size. Hopefully you can un-brick it.

Gert received a 3 from eBay keyhere. The new diodes are marked and shaped slightly different than the bad ones. The camera microphone is disabled in webcam mode. Have a look, give it a try and see if you can spot any errors in it.

It is therefore interesting to assume that both these files reside in the SPI anyka usb pen camera or is the fw. Sellers of the 3 by version. I’ll be glad anyka usb pen camera I can help you. The chip description are as below: The webcam driver is for video only, not audio. Many people have problems with it.

Flashing And Upgrading Chinese MP4 Player Firmware

I reinstalled the questionable battery module and the camera works fine. It works perfectly now.

Download the EXE file. As you point out, last thing we want is users bricking how to un-brick their ‘s. Here’s some more info on the The camera will record video until K bytes are remaining and will then stop recording and anyka usb pen camera the AVI file.

A battery module test indicated anyka usb pen camera the LiPo protection circuit was keeping the battery disconnected. The linjiechong -cam always needs to get reconnected to the computer after you disconnected it, otherwise it won’t turn on.

Otherwise we are going to have to rely on other users to also do a lot of the testing and investigation, as i have done. Press and hold the power button, connect the USB cable then release the button. Since then it has been observed that the circuit board of the 3 and 6 anyka usb pen camera different. Jonas in Germany ordered a 3 but anyka usb pen camera a 6 from eBay eletoponline Vetall in Russia successfully replaced the 1 MB chip with a 2 MB chip a difficult joband was able to write a larger firmware.

Schematics of the Anyka cameras 1, 7 are available here: The camera has a rechargeable LiPo battery. There are two “button trick” ways to enter webcam mode, a good way no oval and a bad way oval. Mailed anyka usb pen camera seller but no response for 2 weeks, then seller offered full refund. Skip to main content.

Jan from Germany received a 3 from eBay power-gps. It works best if the camera is stationary, not hand-held. Otherway it works fine The solution is simple: Please sent link to lonelydre4m3r yahoo.

Chip anyka usb pen camera A 9v. If you press the ISP button, the next screen that appears, you will notice there is a small tick box titled ‘Param Only’. Table of reported historical sales. Do you have operating instructions, and how can I set the date time? Delivery in 10 days.

Flashing And Upgrading Chinese MP4 Player Firmware | 01

Delivery was 14 days. Harry in Germany has done some great work identifying the power supply circuits of the 3 camera.

Longer than that does no good because the protection circuit has disconnected uzb battery. It is unknown how to unbrick a 6 camera because it anyka usb pen camera not have shorting points on the circuit board.

Works on some cameras, not on others.