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Thanks Neale, however this doesn’t appear to work for the C unless anyone has found different? How ever the information dated for C also works for C Usually a lot of waste toner. I am so glad this thread was still posted. I then ran the job until the Dubber toner ran out and replaced the Cyan cartridge with another genuine Oki cartridge with Oki toner. According to Okidate I will need to take this machine in and either pay to havea high level maintence reset done or pay someone to install another controller board.

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It will also remind you weeks later that you have already reset the toner. Is there any problem in using that toner for the C Have you tried oki c5200n your drums — There is a cream which is sold by www. I haven’t done any firmware updates on my OKI.

Oki c5200n have a C which is very similar to the C iki printers. Continue holding down the “Test” button until the display shows “Network Initalizing” and “Wait A Moment” shows on the display.

c5200b Button 3 moves to the right through the digits. You can reply “give me the code and I’ll stop bugging you every day I worked around your instructions and the oki c5200n looks like it has now gone away!

Then replace the plate. Please post the key sequence for oki c5200n the reset menus if you have any luck with the email link.


The other colors are ok. Just discovered this site, and I’m hoping that one of you experts can oki c5200n me. The MFP then decides it is a Oki c5200n which i have never heard of, but it works fine. Some muppet is selling this info on ebay.

Display says user maintenance. More about cookie settings is contained within the Privacy Page. Tried this oki c5200n my printer and it worked great. You obviously didn’t look very hard.

These physical sensors often act up, and my printer is always showing low toner oki c5200n or toner sensor errors. In practice, never worked quite well, they make replacement super drums for hp, c5200n sure about oki. If you currently have an error message for toner cartridge life, the message will continue to be oki c5200n until after you’ve sent one print job, and then it will usually oik for awhile.

The top procedure worked perfectly on my C520n Cne to reset it after refilling the toner. If you see a series of letters and numbers scrolling across the display after the 3-digit error code, write it down and report them when calling or emailing Customer Support. All work well oki c5200n after market toner not Toner King.


Any input would oki c5200n appreciated. Perhaps you will be disappointed when you realize you cannot reset the as with the others. While you are in the maintenance menu, I would suggest changing the life limits for the ID units imaging drums to 40, pages, rather than the standard 20, pages. Save your money, the voodoo cures do not oki c5200n. Do you think it would be safe to try the clear, Or should I disconnect the printer from the computer to be safe? Just had this problem myself.

I have used aftermarket toner for years on my OKI’s and never have had a problem. I am trying to figure oki c5200n how to reset everything excluding the Toner, either that or be able to choose what color drum I want to reset.

カラーLEDプリンター | 消耗品&オプション | サポート | OKIデータ

Replace the cable if it exceeds the length. Is there someone that can confirm a c? Fill it up with toner and go back to work. Your answer needs to include more details to help people. You don’t have to oki c5200n any photos.

This works fine oki c5200n the new toner compartment is totally empty, but if it’s not, you’ll probably lose some good toner. I have been printing post card lb coated card stock Zerox 3r could this cause them to print this way.

Generic toner will not destroy or injure your OKI drums. Same drum problem with my new OKI Oki c5200n